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Matt Capell - Blogger, Small Business Owner, and Marketer
About Me
Who is Matt Capell? And More Importantly How Can I Help You....Because to Be Frank that is What I want, is to help you!!
My name is Matt Capell, and I started my first business in Middle School, and have been selling, marketing, and creating businesses ever since. Technology has always been one of my loves, and helping people with the sales and marketing process is my passion.
I have owned a flooring business, Capell Flooring and Interiors since 2008. My family means the world to me, and through fun activities like playing tennis regularly, it has helped me to form lots of relationships with business professionals from construction to dentistry, and I love helping those clients as well as others looking to succeed online with marketing and sales.
What I Can Help You With....

Strategy #1: I can give you the key to making your copy writing really using software called Funnel Scripts...

Strategy #2: Being a small business owner, I realize the struggles and problems entrepreneurs go through....I can help you with your website and sales funnel process and put a smile back on your face...

Strategy #3: I can help you get traffic to your site, and Quickly Convert Traffic Into Cash And Customers

Strategy #4: Most sites are pretty brochures and don't do anything - All my background is based in solid direct response marketing that is crucial to small business success...

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What I do and How can I Help?
I've walked the path of Entrepreneur for a long time and have been a successful small business owner since 2008....I want to put my skills to work for you..
Small Business Marketing/Coaching Needs
As A Small Business Owner Since 2008, And Entrepreneur If You've Got Questions? I Can Help...learn more about me and who I am here...
Copywriting, Sales Copy, Funnel Scripts, Click Funnels
Need Help with Copywriting?
I've Got Your Back...I love Writing and Can Help you from finding the perfect headline to Writing Sales Copy for you...However, I've got a secret that is super affordable - Click Here to learn more.
Sales Funnels, Copywriting, Online Marketing, Russell Brunson, Matt Capell
Small Business Funnels
I Offer a Range of Services from Helping you with Your Funnels, to complete Design & Implementation.....also can build your website for you that is more than just a pretty brochure - it will actually help you get customers!
Matt Capell - Blogger, Small Business Owner, and Marketer
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